Mater Olbia Hospital

The result of a high level partnership between the Qatar Foundation and the No 1 hospital in Italy (University Hospital Fondazione A. Gemelli from Rome), The Mater Olbia Hospital is a preferred destination for patients from around the world, searching top level expertise, state-of-the-art technology and modern and luxurious premises.

Special amenities

The Mater Olbia Hospital welcomes patients from all corners of world and is sensitive to the faith and privacy needs of each patient. There is a multi-faith prayer area with an area dedicated for ablution and meals are prepared taking into consideration faith and dietary restriction.

We understand that international patient may have different and additional needs, and that travelling abroad for medical care should be an experience that eases the burden of the illness and allows the patient and the loved ones to recover in a private, stress-free and peaceful environment. This is why we have a team dedicated to ensure that this process is smooth, safe and highly satisfactory.

The International Patients Services team is here to coordinate all aspects of this journey, to support patients and their companions and to make sure that the Mater Olbia medical support continues to be by your side even after your return home.

We have designated team members dedicated to coordinating the logistical aspects of your journey and answer all your questions from private transportation to finances, while the medical aspect of your experience at Mater Olbia is the main responsibility of our coordinating doctors.

We offer and recommend free-of-charge Medical Second Opinions to all our patients prior to their travel to Mater Olbia. Our Coordinating Doctors are doctors who receive your medical file and evaluate it with the pertinent specialists, to provide you with the best recommendations for the management of your condition. Also, they are happy to answer any questions you may have, via email, messaging or telephone, even prior to your arrival. We assure you that patient confidentiality is among our top priorities. Once here in our hospital, they coordinate your entire stay, make sure that the premises are to your confort and work closely with the doctors and nurses involved in your care, to make sure that all the investigations, appointments and treatments or interventions are planned in a most efficient manner, and are always available to answer your questions. After your discharge and after your return home, our coordinating doctors follow-up on you even from a distance and are just a phone call or message away whenever you may need them.

Our Logistic Coordinators arrange your transportation to and from the airport, arrange for accomodation at one of our 4 or 5 star partner hotels (if you do not need admission to hospital) and are always available and ready to help support you with anything from visa applications, to explaining financial transactions within Mater Olbia Hospital.

Our on-site Patient Coordinators speaking your native language will greet you at the door and be by your side during your entire stay at Mater Olbia. Our patient coordinators assist our patients with anything they may need in the hospital, from guiding you through your planned stay at Mater Olbia, to translating all conversations to just being a supportive hand.

Services we offer free-of-charge

MSO (Medical Second Opinion)
  • We encourage each patient to benefit from our offer of free-of-charge Medical Second Opinions from our specialist doctors, prior to arrival at Mater Olbia.
  • You can share your medical documents or medical story, in English, via the following email address ( or you can upload it on the dedicated section.
  • You can also upload medical images via the website or wetransfer if you prefer
  • Within 72 hours you will receive a comprehensive MSO from our expert physicians, as well as tailored cost estimates
Cost Estimates

Based on the recommendations of our doctors here at Mater Olbia, our finance team puts together an informative document containing estimated costs of the investigations, procedures, treatment and all services that you may need here at Mater Olbia

Logistic Coordination Support
  • A designated driver will wait for you at the airport and drive you and your companion to the hospital (or hotel). Similarly, when your stay at Mater Olbia ends, one of our trusted drivers will drive you back to the airport. This is complementary service that we offer to all our patients every time they travel to our hospital. Depending on your clinical situation, we can organize ambulance transportation for you to and from the airport (please note that his is not a free service). We have special agreements with certain hotels in the proximity of the hospital, once you chose the hotel, one of team members will make the reservations on your behalf

In-hospital Coordination and Medical Support
  • We have patient coordinators speaking your native language, who will help you navigate the hospital, the course of treatment and processes set out by your medical team and support by translating between patients and our medical staff
  • Once you have completed your treatment at Mater Olbia, we provide you with your medical reports in Italian and English
  • Our Coordinating Doctors will visit you every day, answer your questions and ensure that all your investigations and treatments go smoothly in a multidisciplinary manner
Follow-up monitoring
  • Once you are finished your treatment and Mater Olbia and return home, you will not be alone
  • our Coordinating Doctors are available at all times to answer any medical questions you may have and to help support you in the post-treatment phase
  • Depending on yout specific treatment or intervention, our Coordinating Doctors follow-up on our patients for specific reasons to ensure that healing is underway as expected and to answer all questions


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